Signed Culture's board members

Sula Gleeson of Signed Culture

Sula Gleeson

Sula Gleeson (Chair) has had a varied career, starting as a teacher but ending up as a BSL/English Interpreter.

Steve Hawkins of Signed Culture

Steve Hawkins

Steve Hawkins is passionate about supporting profoundly Deaf people’s wish to participate in and enjoy the arts.

Tim Jolly of Signed Culture

Tim Jolly

Tim Jolly is an Event Manager and Producer based in London

David Perkins of Signed Culture

David Perkins

David Perkins is the Head of Technical for Nichols plc, who make and sell the popular soft drink Vimto around the world.

John Wilson

John Wilson

John Wilson is a Deaf BSL-using Guide/Lecturer/Historian for a wide range of museums and galleries across the UK and is BSL Tours Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Sarah Gatford

Sarah Gatford

Sarah has a wide variety of experience as a BSL/English interpreter, specialising in theatre, the arts and mental health. Her involvement with Signed Culture gives her the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience, encouraging an approach which embraces BSL accessibility as the norm.

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