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Interesting to find out what the Deaf communities abroad are up to with the arts.

Zwakala Deaf Arts Festival is an annual arts competition that brings together Deaf learners from around Zimbabwe to compete in various performing arts categories including, storytelling, drama, singing, dancing and public speaking.

This year’s edition of Zwakala attracted participants from Emerald Hill School, St Giles, Mufakose High 1, St Mary’s, King George VI, Nzeve, Jairos Jiri Naran and Deaf Zimbabwe Trust.

This festival is currently the only platform for Deaf and hard of hearing learners to showcase their talents in the performing arts sector in Zimbabwe.

This year the competition ran under the theme “Celebrating Deaf culture in Zimbabwe.” The Deaf community in Zimbabwe is a linguistic and cultural minority whose culture and heritage must be celebrated. The showcase was testament to Deaf learners’ artistic abilities that are similar to and sometimes surpass those of their hearing counterparts. They require platforms and opportunities to display their talents.

Winners of the Zimbabwe edition of Zwakala will proceed to the final competition in South Africa where they will compete against Deaf winners from other countries in the Southern Africa region including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.

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