Creative Captioning – what is it?

We’ve been given exclusive access to a video that explains the ‘creative captioning’ used in the new show at Bristol Old Vic – Wonder Boy.
Creative Captioning, is what it implies – the text of the show is shown in words that appear on the backdrop of the set in a creative way, so they might be shown in different fonts, or sizes, they may fly in, or appear slowly, be like the ‘pow’ or ‘zap’ used in comic strips.
Every show will have these creative captions, to help with access but also, just as part of the look of the show. As you will find out if you watch the film, there are around 2,000 lines of script incorporated into the show as captions appearing on the back wall of the stage. That’s a lot of work for the man responsible for creating them!
Watch this exclusive short film now, with David Ellington talking to the people responsible for the creative captions, and then book your tickets to see the show!
Wonder Boy is a lovely show about a 12 year old boy who has a stutter, and is trying to work out how to survive in the complicated world we all live in.
He invents a super hero to help him, and make him feel better – Captain Chatter, who is played by Ramesh Mayyeppan, a seasoned Deaf actor/performer. Ramesh has created a short trailer about the show ( ). There is another film to see what the show is like on the show’s page – se below.
There are two shows with a BSL interpreter present too – 22ndMar 7.30pm and 26thMar at 2.30pm.

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