Membership for BSL interpreters and Deaf presenters

Supporting BSL interpreters and Deaf presenters

Signed Culture aims to promote high-quality provision within the arts and cultural sector so that Deaf BSL users receive as near to equal experience of events as their hearing peers. We also aim to promote a better understanding among arts and cultural organisations of the needs and expectations of BSL interpreters and Deaf presenters when providing access to an event at their venue.

If you are a BSL interpreter or Deaf presenter who is working in the cultural sector then, as a Signed Culture member, you have an opportunity to create a profile within our searchable database which is visible to our member arts and cultural organisations.

You can state the events that you have made accessible in the past, list the venues or organisations that you have worked for, give testimonials from previous clients and even give links to your work on YouTube or Vimeo.

Cultural organisations which are members of Signed Culture will be able to contact you directly through our website to discuss possible work opportunities.

In time, Signed Culture also intends to offer Continuing Professional Development for BSL interpreters and Deaf presenters and our members will automatically receive a 30% discount on the costs of the training.

Membership fees for BSL interpreters and Deaf presenters

BSL interpreters and Deaf presenters who are working, or who wish to work, in the cultural sector may become members of Signed Culture.

We have a two tier system.

Membership 1: FREE - Only includes member's name, email, phone and 3 lines of text.

Membership 2: £5 per month.  Includes, all the above, plus profile picture, qualifications, registrations, experience, if you're willing to travel and how far.

BSL Interpreter and Deaf Presenter membership PRO
£5 / month
Add your full profile to our searchable database

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