Becoming a member of Signed Culture

Providing support for members

Signed Culture is a membership organisation and we provide particular services to our members as well as services which are open to all. We divide our members into three categories, each of which receives specialised services from us.

Note: For ease of administration these new categories are non voting members.

BSL users

If you are a BSL user, you can become a member of Signed Culture and receive regular information about new accessible arts and cultural events. Membership is free to BSL users.

Arts and cultural organisations

If you represent an arts or cultural organisation, then, once your organisation is a member of Signed Culture, you are able to list your accessible events on our What’s On page and search our database of BSL interpreters and Deaf presenters so that you can find the perfect person for the events you want to make accessible. You also qualify for a 30% discount on our consultancy services.

BSL interpreter and Deaf presenters

If you are a BSL interpreter or Deaf presenter who is working in the cultural sector, then, as a Signed Culture member, you have an opportunity to create a profile within our searchable database. You can list the events that you have made accessible in the past, list the venues or organisations that you have worked for and even give links to your work on YouTube or Vimeo. Cultural organisations which are members of Signed Culture will be able to contact you directly through our website and offer you appropriate work.

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